Combustion Testing

Minimum Combustion Testing Rate per plant is $395.00. Combustion testing is based on Expenses + Travel + Labor, according to the following rates:

  • All Expenses related to travel and sustenance during projects will be billed at 0.60/mile portal to portal. If hotels and meals are necessary, they will be billed at cost. 
  • Travel Costs are as follows:
    • Weekday travel day is based on a $100/hr. travel time – Portal to portal
    • Saturday travel day is based on $150/hr. travel time – Portal to portal
    • Any Travel over 8 hours is subject to an upcharge per hour 
  • Labor Costs are as follows:
    • Minimum Weekday labor onsite is $150/hr.
    • Saturday labor onsite is $ 250/hr.
    • Note: Maximum combination of travel and labor should not exceed 14 hours per day. 

Cancellations/No Production/Breakdowns/High O2

Any incurred Travel and Labor will be billed + any Expenses and/or cancellation fees.  

Lack of Production, Excessive air leaks causing O2 to be too high for instrument time and travel will still be billed at above rates even though testing is not possible.


A customized report will be generated with as many saved data captures as requested.