APS has provided over 58 dryers to the Asphalt and Sand Drying Markets.  Here is a newer style 112″ x 40′ H&B dryer with sweeper paddles of 3/4″ thick steel throughout being installed on a 5 ton nH%B Plant in New Hampshire.

Here is a DC70 standard construction 1/2″ thick shell with 3/4″ tire support being unloaded and installed on a 5 ton Barber Greene plant in Massachusetts.  In this case, we also supplied the inlet breaching with ceramic lined chute (not in picture).

Here is a 72″ x 28′ long parallel flow sand dryer in central Massachusetts going in fall of 2019 – before and after installation:

Here is an 86″ x 32′ H&B/Custom Built dryer for a 3 ton batch plant going in in central Massachusetts in 2019:

Brand New 100″ x 36′ H&B Dryer with Leaf Spring Tire Support being unloaded in southern Maine