For sale is an early 90’s Cedarapids Stationary Magnum Counterflow Drum Mixer – E300 Model – 300 TPH Plant. Plant is currently running and will be until Thanksgiving of 2022.

Here is a list of the components:

30”x184’ Aggregate transfer conveyor

4×10 screen deck and support structure

30”x60’ Aggregate conveyor with weigh bridge

30”x46’ Aggregate transfer conveyor

30”x60’ RAP transfer conveyor with weigh bridge

8’ x 49’6” Cedarapids/SH Magnum stationary counter flow drum – appears to be in good condition with no signs of wear in the dryer section.  The mixing drum does have some wear according to the customer. There is an aggregate indexing slinger conveyor

Genco af75/60 Long Nose burner – Burner is set up to run Oil and Natural gas

Cedarapids/SH Magnum Baghouse 16.5 size new upper plenum bags and cages, knockout box included

300 BBL mineral fill silo – not in use

Cedarapids Magnum 92’ drag slat – SH 30” wide rated at 350 TPH, chain and slats appear in good condition

Three (3) Cedarapids Magnum 200 ton silos with single door discharge, cone heat – appear to be in good condition, unfortunately this equipment was built in a time where the paint Cedarapids used was prone to peeling off the silo skin.

Cedarapids/SH Magnum Shuttling transfer conveyors on top of silos

Control house switch gear and controls – CMI Impulse blending controls with Libra Loadout

(2) 20k Saddle mounted AC tanks – one tank has an IOT 1+1 (Assuming model 300) heating system, (1) Saddle mounted AC Tank


Appears to be a 2k fuel tank send contained.


There are spare parts available of this plant